Prof. Dr. H. Dersch - HFU Furtwangen
Github repository maintained by Aldo Hoeben / fieldOfView:

PTViewerNG - Plugin-Free Open-GL Panorama Viewer

PTViewerNG is based on WebGL. It was created by Helmut Dersch. To view the demo download and install one of the compatible browsers. The viewer has been tested with the current batch of WebGL enabled browsers, including Chrome 8 and Firefox 4b8 and newer.

Panorama by Wim Koorneef

Copyright 2010  Helmut Dersch

Accelerate left-right-up-down using arrow keys, or Numpad 4,6,8,2.
Zoom in and out using +/-, Shift/Control or A/Z keys.
Stop using C or space or Numpad 5.
Toggle full window mode using F.