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Misc Plugin misc.swf for Flash & HTML5
by Aldo Hoeben -


This plugin provides some miscelaneous scripting functionalities that do not fit in with any of the other plugins in the package. The plugin is intended to go obsolete if and when krpano itself implements these functionalities.


misc.swf  (plugin only)
misc.js  (plugin only)

The misc plugin sources and examples are available as part of the fovplugins package  (plugin, source code & examples)

Syntax / XML Usage Example

<plugin name="misc" 
        url="misc.swf" alturl="misc.js" 
        keep="true" preload="true"

<action name="use_misc" >
        plugin[misc].forloop(i, 0, 10, 1,

Plugin Methods

forloop(varName, startValue, endValue, stepValue, iterate)
Iterates the actions/function specified by 'iterate' while setting the variable 'varName' from 'startValue' until it reaches 'endValue' in steps set by 'stepValue'.
abs(destVar, value)
Sets destVar to the absolute value of 'text'. If the second argument is omitted, the method alters the current contents of destVar instead.
max(destVar, value1, value2, ...)
Sets destVar to the lowest of the passed values.
min(destVar, value1, value2, ...)
Sets destVar to the lowest of the passed values.




CC-BY-3.0 The plugin can be used free of charge, in commercial or non-commercial applications. The source code is available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

In a nutshell, this means you are free to use the software and its source code in your projects. If you use the source code in another software project, you are required to add attribution to the author(s). You are encouraged to share the your source code under a similar fashion, but it is not a requirement.

If you use the plugins regularly, you may consider making a donation so I can afford to continue making these plugins and making them available.