This is the staging area for the fieldOfView plugins for krpano. A copy of these pages is included on The pages in this staging area may be newer than the respective pages on

fieldOfView krpano plugins for Flash and/or HTML5
by Aldo Hoeben -


A series of free-to-use, opensource krpano plugins by Aldo Hoeben / fieldOfView


autolevelsfor Flash
A plugin that dynamically applies an autolevels effect to the krpano view. When properly used, this can mimic autoexposure of a (video-)camera, or the adaptation of the human perceptive system.
clipboardfor Flash
A plugin that provides write-only access to the clipboard. This is useful eg to put a link to the current view into the viewer's clipboard.
dblclickfor Flash & HTML5
A plugin that adds a doubleclick event to krpano.
gyrofor HTML5
A plugin that uses the gyroscope in devices such as the iPhone 4 and iPad2 to control the view.
imageadjustfor Flash
A plugin that lets you adjust the brightness/contrast, hue/saturation and blur of the view.
miscfor Flash & HTML5
A plugin that adds miscelaneous functionalities to krpano which do not fit in with any of the other plugins in the package.
multitouchfor Flash
A plugin that enables multitouch zoom on Windows 7 and Android multitouch devices.
orientationfor HTML5
A plugin that detects changes in the device orientation so the tour can, for example, adjust its interface to either landscape or portrait displays.
stringfor Flash & HTML5
A plugin that adds string manipulation methods to krpano.
textfieldexfor Flash
A drop-in replacement for the textfield.swf krpano plugin with extended capabilities.
vectormathfor Flash
A plugin that adds string manipulation functions to krpano.


The plugins, sources and examples are available as a single package  (plugins, documentation, examples & source code)  (plugins, documentation & examples only)


To build the flash plugins from the supplied source files, you need the open source Flex SDK, version 3.2 or newer.

To compile a swf, use the following commandline options (in a single line):

mxmlc -target-player=10.0.0 -use-network=false
    -static-link-runtime-shared-libraries=true [filename].as

Javascript plugins are compressed using the Google Closure Compiler. Alternatively you may use the source-version instead of the compressed version.


CC-BY-3.0 The plugins can be used free of charge, in commercial or non-commercial applications. The source code is available under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

In a nutshell, this means you are free to use the software and its source code in your projects. If you use the source code in another software project, you are required to add attribution to the author(s). You are encouraged to share the your source code under a similar fashion, but it is not a requirement.

If you use the plugins regularly, you may consider making a donation so I can afford to continue making these plugins and making them available.